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The vision is to create a space where our amazing team of health practitioners can help make your goals a reality. This happens on a few different levels;
First: a space where people can book sessions to improve their health. We offer a variety of Services including specialized kinesiology, BodyTalk, Bach Flower Remedies, holistic nutrition and massage. Every session is unique because every person is unique.

Second: a place where those who are dealing with chronic illness can be cared for in a stress-free environment, receiving sessions and help from our team daily along the way. This would often include a specific and personalized diet and time in the beautiful grounds and gardens for exercise and meditation. This get-away would be appropriate for someone recovering from sickness, wanting to lose weight, wanting to quit smoking, etc. The rooms would be suitable for those dealing with allergies or sensitive immune systems. When possible, food is prepared using ingredients from the garden, grown organically and with much love and laughter. And yes, even though we are geared towards health, we strongly believe in good quality coffee and chocolate!

Third: an environment geared towards learning. You know the old saying; “give a man some fish oil and he”s healthy for a day, teach a man about fish oil and he’s healthy for life!” We offer certificate courses and workshops in a variety of modalities taught by members of our amazing team and by guests from other areas. To find out what courses are currently scheduled look at the Happy News page. If you are interested in a course that you do not see on the schedule, please contact us to see if it can be arranged. Students would have the option of staying on-site making use of the healthy environment, library, nutritious food, grounds and companionship of fellow students to get the most out of the class information.

For more information visit www.happilyholistic.ca

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