How to get into Specialized Kinesiology

I often have clients ask me how they can get into this line of work. After all, it is pretty amazing; you get to meet great people and work with energy while helping others and yourself. While there are many paths to a career in SK, the one that I have documented for you in the handy infograph below is one of the easiest and most direct roots.

Finding your way to Specialized Kinesiology bliss.
Finding your way to Specialized Kinesiology bliss.


You begin with Touch for Health, which is a prerequisite for many of the other classes you will find. It will teach you strong muscle testing and correction skills, get you familiar with energy meridians and help you become comfortable working on people. When you’re finished with level four, take GEMS. Yes, this is biased information, but I came up with this system for a reason! That gives you enough that you can start working on people, but I also recommend starting to take some higher level SK classes, a few of which I mention here. A more complete list can be found on one of the Association websites (ours for Canada is You can stick with one of these courses, or take entry levels of a few different ones to see what you like.

Still unsure with how to get there from here? Or do you have a different path you would like to advocate? Share it here!

We’re all in this together.


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