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Two weeks ago we were at the large market in San Isidro where we do the majority of our grocery shopping for the week. This is not a tourist market and most of the gringos are conspicuously huddled in one corner eating vegan burritos. I was at the meat counter – chatting in my broken Spanish with the muchacho who calls me over every week promising to cut me the best steaks – when I turned around to see my husband chatting in English with an American woman and her daughter. When I finished at the counter I introduced myself. She asked what I do, and I told her I work with Specialized Kinesiology. Let’s face it; that usually requires more explanation. A lot more. I had my whole elevator speech ready to rock when she broke into a huge smile and said “Oh how wonderful!” I had to admit that’s not the reaction I usually get to that statement. And she replied, “that’s because most people don’t have any idea what it is!” and she told me her story.

We are hard-wired to respond to stories. For so much of human history it was our primary way of transmitting information, of explaining our background and how the world worked and why things are the way they are. And while I can’t divulge someone else’s story here without permission, it made me think that I would like to hear more people’s SK stories. For those of you in this field, what brought you here? For those who are clients, what prompted the call and what changes have you seen?

Last month I ran a contest asking people for testimonials and I got a few stories from people that were truly sweet and humbling. It’s one thing to know this work is amazing, it’s another thing completely to read words like,

“After one treatment, I could finally lift my arm, which I hadn’t done for months,”

“I’ve drastically reduced my insulin requirement,” or

“The blockage is now totally cleared.”

Just from these short sentences, you get a glimpse into someone’s life, their story and their journey, and that’s much more powerful than me reading off a list of benefits!

I am in the process of creating an international online Specialized Kinesiology magazine right now and I would love for part of it to be about sharing SK stories. So, if you have a story about your experiences in this realm, please post them here. Some of them will end up in future issues!

And we all lived happily ever after.

Alexis Costello


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