Announcing our Specialized Kinesiology Magazine!

I’m so excited about my new project! I am publishing a new journal called Specialized Kinesiology Magazine (not the most inspired title, but highly searchable!) online. This international journal is designed for specialized/applied/energetic kinesiology practitioners and students from around the world. It’s a place to share ideas, new techniques and products, upcoming events, courses, videos, etc.

This magazine is free to national associations of specialized kinesiology to distribute to their members, either through on-demand printing, or by sharing the link so that everyone can read it online. This gives Associations a product they can share with members (increasing their value in Member’s eyes) and provides a beautiful medium to get valuable information out to SK practitioners around the world. Our funding comes from advertising.

Each issue will contain a Classified Ad section with free basic listings for classes (a link to the Association’s class listing page) and conferences. Please check the attached Media Kit for more information about these free listings and also how to purchase ad space in order to promote your conference, products, events, etc. to a large and targeted market.

By mid-October you will be receiving your link to the first issue, which we are calling ‘The Happy Issue’ since it’s pretty exciting to get a project like this off the ground!

Every issue will feature certain columns, offering interviews with the movers and shakers of the SK world, ways of growing your holistic business, upcoming conferences and highlights of past ones, new nutritional information, a deeper understanding of various modalities and much more!


Here are a few things you can look forward to in The Happy Issue:

An in depth interview with Sylvia Marina (Australia) describing her work in transforming DNA memories

A closer look at Agape Quest with Denise Cambiotti (Canada)

How to create a steady client base and keep your clients happy

A deep exploration of 5-element relationships with Sandy Gannon (UK)

History of medicine — an Anthropological look at medicinal herbs, with Kathleen Green (Ireland)

Listings of upcoming classes and conferences around the world, all in one place!


If you have ideas for articles, questions for writers, upcoming classes or conferences, or would like to advertise, please email

Deadline for The Happy Issue is October 5th, 2016

Click here for the Media Kit! sk-magazine-media-kit

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