Transforming DNA Memories with Sylvia Marina

June 23-26, 2018, Kelowna BC

Investment is $800 CAD, contact to register — Special bonus: readers of SK Magazine will receive their Workbook, Flower Essence and CD, FREE ($75 value)!

This four-day training includes Kinesiology Techniques, Real Live Case Studies, a usable take home protocol – add these skills to your current practice or for the beginner commencing a new career — your own knowledge & personal development.

Course creator, Sylvia Marina has a unique approach to connecting people with their highest potentials transforming their lives for the better .
Learn how to stop the cycle of habit, anger, judgments, self-dislike… Understand your emotions that play a role in relationships and illness. Stop repeating negative behaviours, reconnect to what you really, want in life. Heal your hurts, become a better healer.

Attend TRANSFORMING DNA MEMORIES experience with Sylvia and you will gain a better understanding of what triggers are in your memory bank. Activate your constructive intelligence. Understand not all behaviours are learned, many are genetic ancestral behaviours that can be changed.

Transforming DNA Memories gives you the skills to understand yourself more deeply, how to make better change, feel inspired & confident to embrace challenges in a positive way.

Here is your opportunity to learn with the MASTER. With more than 30 years experience in the healing arts, Sylvia Marina specializes in the passions and emotions that influence habits and oppression, illness and disease… self-healing, love and happiness.

People attend for personal self- development — no pre-requirements.

Health Practitioners at the completion of this four day workshop you will be equip to offer Transforming DNA Memories sessions to your clients.

Course Accreditation – CE Points: 32
IKC International Kinesiology College
AIK Australian Institute Kinesiology
AKA Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. ATMS Australian Traditional-Medicine Society


TRANS GENERATIONAL TRAUMA — your ancestors hold the key.

Unlike most people, I was not searching for my purpose! I knew what my life was about…my difficulty was how to explain the feeling that confirmed to me that my life was planned before I emerge into this lifetime.

More than thirty years ago, when studying Human Behaviour I became intensely aware that people were looking for their purpose! It was the birth of the New Age. I remember pondering — what possible bewilderment perhaps parental or community pressure and control has happened in lives that such confusion has occurred?

When choice is stripped from people’s lives as in unplanned pregnancy, career variation, business breakdown, redundancy, heartbreak, shattered dreams, death of partner, lifestyle change, divorce…

It is the people who lack clarity of purpose that suffer the deepest regret, grief and depression. Depression often reveals it-self in depressed immune system.

When people have lingering ill health there is more happening in the body. When repetitive illness, unresolved anger, regretful relationship and reoccurring patterns of behaviour continues to happen, my work in Trans Generational Trauma, also known as Epigenetics is active.

This means, the current problem is not just ‘a current problem’. The pattern has been carried in the DNA to this current generation and unless resolved now, will be further carried to future generations.

The initials, DNA, stand for Deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material, which is the main constituent of our chromosomes, and contains the instructions we need to ‘develop, live and reproduce’.

DNA carries our genetic information throughout our lives, and passes it on to the children we bring into the world. Through generations carrying the essence of ‘us’. So at this point in time, your ancestors are with you in the form of your DNA, your genetics.

Just as features and mannerisms are passed from one generation to another, so are illness, disorders and behaviour patterns. All is not dreary in terms of your DNA, your multiple intelligences; creativity, logic and reason are all positively amped in your DNA too. People who are still looking for a connection to their life purpose, has a trans generational trauma, like a grudge rock in the way.

My role and experience is to work with you to clear Trans Generational Trauma so that you can connect to your own DNA entelechy. Your entelechy holds the key to your life purpose.

Author of Transforming DNA Memories, Sylvia works with the novice and the experienced practitioner. At the end of the four-day training you will have gained new experience and understanding and have learnt the skills and know-how to immediately actualize and transform your life.

Inherited family trauma and addiction didn’t start with you but it can certainly finish with you.

Connect to your ancestors, spirit wisdom, access the keys to unlock your hidden knowledge, wisdom, purpose and understanding. Awaken the dreams your ancestors dreamed for you. Continue their dream of making this world a better place for all our future generations.

Author, Sylvia Marina ND., is a remarkable humanitarian, her commitment to equality, justice and authentic leadership defines and sets her apart. People love her wisdom and generous teaching.

A wife, mother, treasured grandmother, author, professional speaker, teacher, kinesiology practitioner and emotional-mastery educator, her interests reside in the effect of emotions that influence life choices, relationships, health and wellness.

She is more than a coach, more than a mentor…Sylvia inspires. Being with her LIVE in person is an experience you won’t forget.

Sylvia Marina 0412 198 612


Transforming DNA Memories. | MASTERCLASS — Get The Love You Want. | Return To Love | Breaking The Grip Of Past Loves.

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