Making Work Work for You

How do you feel about your business? It is a loaded question. When you have a career in the ‘healing arts’, it often seems like you are supposed to forget that money ever enters into the equation. We prevaricate when it comes to price and feel awkward when it is time to collect. On the other hand there are practitioners that seem to be ‘only in it for the money’, and whose ethics around such things throws their integrity into question.

The truth of the matter is; for many of us, this is our work and not just a hobby. If I didn’t charge for sessions and classes, I would have to do something else in order to put food on the table, which would result in less people receiving assistance on their journey. I’m sure many of you are in the same situation. I am interested in us finding ways, as an industry, to answer questions about what is ethical in Specialized Kinesiology as a business choice and how to move it forward as a viable career path where we support each other while also encouraging others to join us. This means getting it out there in as many ways as possible!

Many also seem to struggle with making the transition from ‘friends and family’ to something that actually creates an income. Throw in all the usual questions about marketing and branding and these can be difficult waters to navigate. In this issue; we speak to a few of those who work with Specialized Kinesiology as their primary source of income and who help others to do the same by solving some common problems. We see how continuing research is important to help us be more professional and how we can support this, as well as ways of making kinesiology more visible in the world.

We’re all in this together!

Alexis Costello

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