Start Living in the “Yes”

By Sylvia Marina

Where are you in your life? Do you feel like you are on a precipice of greatness and yet you feel stuck? I invite you to stop doing and move into a state of ‘being.’

Living in Australia, I have presented in over twenty countries, worked in numerous diverse cultures and served as consultant to corporations, start-up companies and small business; spoken at conferences and international health schools, colleges and universities.

I have found that most people, given opportunity and education, can learn to think, feel, and know in new ways, to become more creative, more imaginative, and to aspire within realistic limits to a much larger awareness, one that is superbly equipped to deal with the complex challenges of modern life.

To date we have not achieved the fully functioning person, but we are getting closer to allowing her and his intelligences to be wholly activated.

It is time to say, “YES to life.” It is powerful, abundant and creative. It is time to say, Please, Universe, show me the truth of my life. I expect goodness and joy.

Say YES! Yes, I choose to be successful. Yes, I choose to open to my good in miraculous ways. Yes, I am asking to be financially supported and spiritually guided.

Living a great life requires that we understand the challenges and opportunities of our moment in history. I’m a gentle soul however it’s time to be firm – here is what I have observed…

…people say they want and are ready for abundance, yet almost daily repel it through their mantras, which to the higher self-intelligences translates to methodical lies!

Probably a trans-generational method of not wishing to tell the actual truth for fear of appearing, not good enough, a failure, or the fear of offending another.

A frequently used money mantra is, “I can’t afford that”. Another way to say that would be, “I failed to plan,” or “that’s not my financial priority at present”.

Our priorities always come first, that is how addicts sustain their addiction. Addiction is priority, all else takes second place. Addiction and lies are often infused in DNA. Through Transforming DNA Memories, we explore and move into clearing dysfunctional patterns to make the shift into the energy of freedom, flow and abundance.

I know the reality of many, I was sole provider for my family. I learned to stop the ‘we can’t afford that’ lie, to prioritise between having sufficient income for my children’s and my own need and prioritise the next step in my personal and professional growth. Identifying and ridding the self of generations of programming and self-limiting beliefs in regard to money freed the energy for more than I ever imagined.

When you clear limiting debilitating patterns of behaviour, you are then free to sincerely and honestly commit to something very pure, the ‘how’ will reveal itself.

It’s true, Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny — live in the YES.

Sylvia Marina. Professional Kinesiologist & Human Behaviour Specialist.

IKC accredited: Transforming DNA Memories & Return To Love courses.

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