BS Elimination

BS Elimination


The quick and easy way to reliably eliminate or reduce beliefs that are deeply held and are holding us back, keeping us in emotional captivity.

Dr Jimmy Scott, founder of Health Kinesiology (HK), developed the Belief System (BS) Elimination correction in 2009. Health Kinesiology is one of the founding disciplines in CanAsk. It takes a different approach from Touch of Health, working directly in the meridian points rather than through the muscles for the corrections, but is a part of the Specialized Kinesiology family as it focuses on bringing balance in the face of stressors and uses muscle monitoring as its primary interaction with the body’s wisdom.

This correction is simple and can be done by anyone. Be sure to use the Balancing Thymus Tap or completed the pre-checks and hydration test before starting. It is best if a practitioner who is already balanced works out the exact words to get the fastest benefit, but there is also a list of common beliefs that can be used more intuitively. It can also be done by simply using the content of the “tapes” that run in our heads.


Beliefs help shape our behaviour and attitudes toward ourselves and the world. They include any negative or positive statements we hear that get stuck in our emotions. Words, especially those spoken by people we trust or who “have power over us” such as parents, teachers, authorities, and coaches, form our beliefs about ourselves. These gut level responses sabotage our consciously chosen beliefs.


How many times have you rehearsed a situation and decided exactly what you wanted to say and how you would respond? Yet, in the moment all that preparation goes out the window and your gut level response plays the old tape in your head and you default to the emotional pattern that was established by your stuck beliefs about yourself.


These Beliefs can become locked into the BioEnergy system, and held as true, long after the initial state mentor situation is consciously forgotten. Often apparently opposing Beliefs can be held which are equally stressful to a person. For example “Fear of failure” and “Fear of success” can both be held by the same person around the same issue. Correcting only one of them will not allow the person to move forward in relationship to that issue. Rarely is it just one single belief which is why we call them Belief Systems. The whole ball of wax can be unraveled through one or two corrections when you find the words that are the core of the issue.


These corrections are based on the mapping of the surface of the head to the distinct parts of the brain that process old thoughts. Similar to the SCOTT Protocol it uses light pinching over a specific spot on the head while accessing the area deep within the brain to be changed by saying the thought out loud. By activating the meridian energy while consciously saying the gut level emotion allows the body to clear or reset the emotion held in that brain connection. It simply uncouples the emotion from the thought and takes the power out of it.


So, how do we erase these unwanted “tapes” that run in our heads and sabotage our behavior?


Step 1: Identify the Belief System to be eliminated.

The usual HK way is to get the client’s meridian balance complete and then use verbal testing. For other Specialized Kinesiologists, use whatever way you have to identify goals or issues. Keywords might include: ‘I never…’, ‘I always….’, ‘I can’t…’, ‘I shouldn’t…’, ‘I should’…, ‘It’s impossible…,’ etc. Either negative or positive words can occur in the items.



  • I never finish what I start
  • I am in balance/out of balance.
  • I’ll always be hopeless at math
  • I nourished myself.
  • I’ll never amount to much
  • You cannot trust a woman/man.
  • People are not reliable
  • Everybody loves me.
  • Alcoholics are scum
  • Nobody loves me.
  • I can’t cook.
  • I deserve/don’t deserve to be loved
  • I love everybody
  • I hate conflict.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I deserve/don’t deserve respect.
  • I’m lazy/stupid/untidy/disorganized/hopeless.


  1. Double check you have the exact stress:

Once the wording is exact, the client verbally states the phrase out loud while muscle monitoring with the palm over the navel to verify that the item is stressful. Any indicator muscle should be weak while the client says it out aloud with their palm on the navel.

  1. Create the circuit change by light pinching.

Acupoints are not held, but rather two specific are as on the head are stimulated, to create changes in the nervous system/BioEnergy system, in a similar way to the SCOTT Protocol corrections:

The skin is lightly pinched in the two places simultaneously:

  • Horizontally on the back of the head at the occiput, on the soft tissue between each in ion with fingertips about 2cm or 3/4 inch apart,
  • Vertically on the midline at the front of the head, with one finger just in the usual hair line and the other just below, about 2cm or 3/4 inch apart.


They continue to speak the phrase out loud while you, or they, lightly pinch the skin. They should speak the phrase deliberately, at a normal pace and good volume. Typically it only takes 15 to 30 seconds to complete an item. Sometimes it can take a minute or more. Just like in regular HK corrections, a deep breath or yawn usually occurs with the energy shift at the completion of the correction.


Typically multiple items are worked up, you demonstrate the technique (watch a demo of Jimmy Scott doing it here), and then the client does them at home later according to a schedule you setup.


Important: Because this correction creates connection changes in the brain, usually only 2 or 3 items should be done on a given day. Exceeding this limit often results in a headache or dizziness while the brain processes the work. Many people test up as doing 1/day is ideal. Some people can only tolerate 1 every other day. A few people can do 3-4 in one day but then none for a few days.







Linda is an instructor, practitioner, and health advocate. With 10 years’ experience as a Natural Health Therapist, she helps people regain wellness. Using hands-on therapies, as well as essences, she helps restore the body, mind, and soul. Linda assists people to take control of their lives, establish healthy patterns, and gain control over their stresses. Linda has an MA and many years of apprenticeship in the healing arts. Her book, Pushing the Reset Button: The busy professional’s guide to a healthy lifestyle, made the Amazon best seller list and has been sold around the world.

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