From the Horses Mouth, Equine Kinesiology

From the Horses Mouth, Equine Kinesiology

By Joan Morton

I started out on my path as a therapist in 2005. I completed Reiki to master level. I continued to study kinesiology with the same instructor. In my class all I could refer the kinesiology to was horses. Everything I learned, I was making links on how to use it with horses. I practiced with both horses and people all during my training. I was fortunate my instructor sponsored Hugo Tobar in to start his courses in Ireland and he had worked with racehorses with great success.

In 2006 I lost a young horse to poisoning and was really upset I could not fix her with Kinesiology. A few weeks later I completed Hugo Tobars I Ching Hologram course, I had an amazing balance and felt a huge shift in my energy, like the horse’s energy had stepped into me. That week I read an article in an Irish newspaper on a race yard going through a rough time. I made a phone call and I was now working with top Irish race horses! What a goal! What a balance!

It was amazing, the vets had tested everything but could find nothing wrong, yet the horses were under preforming. I balanced the last 4 horses that raced and all had issues, which the trainer could relate to. I balanced a horse for a point to point and it won on the Saturday. I then balanced the horses the day before each race, 4 horses ran 3 were placed and this continued, and 3 weeks later we had 3 winners in a row! I was blown away with the results it was all to do with an energy imbalance

I assess each horse; what are they trying to tell us? I feel the horse all over and assess what’s going on. Often the horse will show signs of discomfort in certain muscles, joints, legs etc.

I then muscle test to see what’s going on. So what’s the issue? Work, stable, feed, etc

I then muscle test and correct as I go along using similar corrections as for a human: Acupressure, Meridians, Neuro-vasculars, sound (Tuning forks), Colour Light pen.

Each horse reacts differently to a session; some are feisty when you first work with them, and others can become really relaxed, lips hang, eyes close and sleep, and just like humans some can get a bit spaced out. I had a lucky escape when I pulsed points on the bladder meridian the 18’2 horse was asleep and all of a sudden he staggered and nearly squeezed me against the stable wall.

Recently I worked with a client who had a show jumping pony called “Dubh” who had been box rested for 18 months as he had a fractured pedal bone. Dubh had been hand walked when box resting. He started to show behaviour issues. Some days he would not allow you to rug him up, he would just throw a strop. When he went back into work he would work fine for 10- 15 mins and then just explode randomly in work. The owner had tried a few things with Dubh before trying kinesiology.

I muscle tested and a neuro energetic kinesiology balance showed, Brain Formatting this is where I use finger modes and acupoints on the horse’s body to access stress on the brain physiology, I then self-test to see if there is any stress in each brain section. Each time I find stress I test to see what correction shows. In this case the amygdala showed stress and the emotion ‘fear’ showed, Dubh wanted ESR points on the head which I held for 10 minutes while he relaxed, his lip dropped and his eyes closed softly, for the first 3 mins every 30 seconds he would jump and then relax until he just gently gave me the weight of his head then he opened his eyes wide and took a long deep breath.

Horses love these Emotional Stress Release ESR points to be held and will often fall asleep when I’m holding them. ESR is midway between the horse’s eyes and hair lock on the poll. And is a great technique anyone can use with their animals to help them release any underlying stress.

Dubh also showed stress in some glands, which again I formatted, stress showed in the pituitary gland function, adrenals and cortisol pathways.

This horse was in a cycle of fear. Fear of being stuck in a stable and not being with the herd and then when he was released he was fearful of attack. The session took about 40 minutes.

A few hours after the balance I received a message from an excited owner to say that the stallion Dubh had improved greatly already from the morning session. She was amazed at how relaxed he was and she took him out to the arena to walk in hand, she even left him to stand in the arena and he never moved. He had a follow up session 5 weeks later and Dubh had some Chakra Kinesiology balancing and he tested for light pen and tuning forks as a correction in his base chakra. Base chakra is about your herd and your security in life, which made so much sense. He went on to excel in his jumping and was sold for a 6-figure sum this year.

I now teach Equine kinesiology Modules for kinesiologist to work with horses.

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