Create your Marketing Avatar

What is an Avatar? Basically, what you are doing here is helping yourself define very clearly the ideal client — the person that you want to reach out to and work with. Spending a little time on this allows you to be precise in the way that you are marketing and invest your time and money in the best way possible. Does this feel silly for some people? Maybe a little. After all, in some ways this is basically the adult equivalent of creating an imaginary friend. A couple things that it might be helpful to remember:
1) There are no wrong answers. This is about who you want to work with, so don’t worry if it sounds a little odd when you write it all out. We’re not trying to please everyone — maybe the oddballs are your ideal clients and that is totally ok. In fact, when putting this together you may want to actually focus on some of the ways that your avatar is different from the people around them. Knowing how they are quirky and what sets them apart from the crowd is what allows you to connect with them on a deeper level.
2) This can be fluid and can change. You are not stuck with this indefinitely. You can add things, and take them away as you grow. You can add more avatars in the future to represent the various aspects of your business. You my friend, have options, so don’t be afraid to jump in and have fun with this.

Download the free PDF and begin!  GEMS avatar creation WS

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