Denise Cambiotti, Canada

Denise Cambiotti, Canada

Well Balanced Kinesiology and Consulting

Denise is a person who values the beauty of using muscle monitoring in her clinic. This incredible tool can signal what is out of balance and also indicate what is the best treatment to apply.
With over 2000 classroom hours covering a dozen different kinesiology modalities in quite some depth, Denise immediately appreciated the easy to learn system the creator of GEMS put together.
She had also observed newcomers and some long time practitioners of Touch for Health being practically frozen with the huge variety of techniques at their disposal. Which to apply? When to apply it?
She had also observed some practitioners struggling to weave components of one or two different modalities, and often using one modality at a time instead of blending techniques for even better results.
GEMS is the answer!

What was natural for her to apply in her clinic was not easy to describe or teach to her students however Alexis figured out how to make that happen. Denise has become a GEMS Instructor so her students can depend on getting super positive results from their sessions.

Muscle Tuners International - Muscle Tuning, LEAP Brain Integration

Located in the Lower Mainland of BC.

(604) 936-5463

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