Amazing GEMS Practitioners – USA

Amy is a GEMS and TFH practitioner in Springfield, MO


Andrea is a GEMS and TFH practitioner in Preston, MO

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Bethany is a GEMS and TFH practitioner in Ozark, MO

Carina Schuelke, USA

Carina is a practitioner located in Simi Valley, CA



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Charisse is a GEMS practitioner in Charlottesville.

Chena Anderson, VA
Chena Anderson, VA

Chena is a TFH instructor; instructs Touch for Health Holographic and Goals and Metaphors as well as being a GEMS instructor. She trains others for professional careers in Kinesiology.  She operates a year round training center in central Virginia for Kinesiology training in multiple modalities. Chena’s love for Kinesiology stems from her personal experiences with using Kinesiology to help several of her children overcome learning issues using LEAP.  As well as helping family and friends with major health crisis using SIPS protocols. Chena is the mother of 10 children and the author or Authentic Health: the Unauthorized Guide to Family Wellness.  She has served as a Naturopath for over 22 years as well.


Christie is a GEMS Practitioner in Warrenton.


Christine McGough, ND

Specialized Kinesiology for Learning and Recovery
Certified Digestive Health Specialist/Enzyme Therapy
QPR certified Adult Mental Health, Youth Mental Health, and Suicide First Responder.
Touch For Health and GEMS Instructor

Genesis Learning Enhancement Center

Christy is a GEMS and TFH Practitioner in  Nixa, MO


Dawn is a GEMS and TFH Practitioner in Springfield, MO