We love food.

I have written before about how, when you start doing any type of homesteading, you become basically food-obsessed. I think many people in the holistic health industry find themselves in this position, learning more about the body means learning more about how to feed it for optimum performance. GEMS Nutrition is a course that has been percolating in my mind for a long time. I thought it was done nearly two years ago, then found out to my chagrin when I sent the files to a student, that I had somehow saved over some of the files incorrectly. As we had just moved to the rainforest all my reference books were in bins stacked up and there was no way of knowing where things were or how to get to them. So the project was shelved.

But I have dragged the books out, finished up the scan sheets, added more (because, that’s what I do), and now I want to share it with you!

The question that I hear sometimes from Specialized Kinesiologists is: Why should I bother learning anything about nutrition when I can use an indicator muscle and a scan sheet to tell me what someone needs? Here are a few reasons why nutritional information is still important:

  • The more information you have, the wider a range of files available in your bio-computer to chose from for people.
  • The more info you can give people about why they should do/take/eat something, the more likely you are to get compliance, thus helping them to feel better faster.
  • The more info people have the more you bring the attention of their conscious minds to the task at hand (i.e. utilization of a vitamin/mineral/amino from their diets).
  • It makes you sound smart.

In the Touch for Health self-responsibility model, you learn that you, as a practitioner, never ‘heal’ or ‘cure’ your client, you simply help them in their own process. Similarly, foods and supplements don’t cure people; rather they offer building blocks and energy to allow the body to fix itself. Suggesting food for your clients and teaching them about food is a way of speeding up their healing journey. Healing your body with food makes sense; you have to eat anyway.

This ‘crash course’ style quickie workshop discusses some of the basics of nutrition, including macro and micronutrients, the energy of food and eating to work with the 5-Elements of Chinese medicine. At the end, you’ll find scan sheets that can be added to your GEMS Flow chart and the scan sheets that you are already using. The intention is that when you come up with nutrition as either a stress or as a correction, you can flip to the appropriate scan sheet and use muscle testing to figure out what the body could use more or less of.

So here’s what the GEMS Nutrition class entails:

  • A short workbook that goes into some of the basics of nutrition. This is really basic; just a breakdown of macro and micro nutrients and how they work in the body.
  • General Nutrition Scan Sheets. Scan lists for macronutrients so practitioners can identify the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are most beneficial for the client at the moment. Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.
  • Element Scan Sheets. A page for each element showing the nutrients and herbs that can be used to bring balance to that particular area of the body.
  • Follow up session with me via Zoom. After you have downloaded the booklet and scan sheets, we arrange a meeting to chat and go over anything you would like extra clarification on. Or just to talk about food. Whatever works for you!

How do you use the scan sheets?

Anyone working with muscle testing can use scan sheets for nutrition, simply by working with scan mode and checking through the lists. Practitioners already using the GEMS system can use these a little differently. When you are working through the Flow chart looking for corrections and Chemistry comes up, you can now use the appropriate Element list to find what you are looking for.

Here’s an example of what the element scan sheets look like.

It’s ridiculously simple.

Once Knowlative is up and running, the booklet and scan sheets will be available through it for subscribers to access at any time. (Haven’t heard of Knowlative yet? Check out http://www.knowlative.com/how-knowlative-works/) For now if you are interested in this workshop, the cost is $100, including the one-on-one meeting. Send an email to happy@alexiscostello.com and the files will be emailed to you.

Questions or thoughts? I’d love to hear them, leave them below.

Be Amazing!