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I truly believe that Specialized Kinesiology is one of the most fascinating, life-changing fields of study out there. My goal is to bring together practitioners and instructors who are ready to share the amazing possibilities of our industry far and wide, so those who haven’t experienced it for themselves yet can find a class or practitioner. I hope to open conversation and collaboration so we can all help each other shine. So let’s get to know each other, make kinesiology a little more mainstream, and have some fun doing it.

This is also the home of KinesioGeek Magazine – the newest issue is available below for you to read and enjoy.

Knesiogeek Magazine

Check out the latest issue of Kinesiogeek Magazine. Satisfy your inner kinesio geek with informative articles, stories and updates in our field

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KinesioGeek Magazine

Check out the latest issue of Kinesiogeek Magazine. For specialized/applied/energetic kinesiology practitioners and students from around the world.

A place to share ideas, new techniques and products, upcoming events, courses, videos, etc. To go deeper into modalities and research pertinent to our field. To connect with the muscle testing community internationally.