It’s A Small World After All

It’s a small world after all. And, now that you hate me for putting that song in your head, let me elaborate!

Balancing the world, heart to heart and bringing awareness to Touch for Health

In 1988 the International Kinesiology College (IKC) organized its first International Conference in Switzerland, to share Touch for Health with the world. This means that 2018 the IKC celebrates 30 years of conferences and promotion of Touch for Health and muscle testing. Part of our job as Specialized Kinesiologists is making more people aware of what we do; the benefits of having regular balances and of taking these classes for yourself. What better way to do this then to organize a global event and invite everyone to join us?

September 29thfrom 11 AM to 1 PM (11:00-13:00)

The IKC is organising a worldwide Touch for Health event taking place across many time zones. We hope to establish a worldwide record for the number of countries participating in a 24-hour worldwide energy balance.

It will all be happening when Heart meridian energy is at its peak (11 AM to 1 PM). By participating you will benefit from and help create a wave of positive energy that will travel around the earth, heart to heart, one time zone at a time, balancing people and the earth as it goes.

It is open to the general public. People who know how to give balances get to work with people who have never experienced a balance before and help the discover Touch for Health. The brings awareness of a self-help healing modality to more people, as well as connecting them with local practitioners and raising the awareness of what we all do.

Some ways you can get involved:

Balancathon Committee

“Why did you choose to support the IKC Balancathon by joining the committee?”

Sandy Gannon, IKC Faculty, UK: “I wanted to raise awareness and Heart energy. I also wanted to support Robin and her wonderful initiative, and protect the IKC investment. We haven’t had such a breath of Fresh air for TFH since Ann Holdway’s “In Touch” magazine 30 years ago!”

Helena Arguelles, IKC Trainer, UK: “The Balancathon is such a wonderful opportunity to unite hearts across the planet through TFH and to promote the IKC family. Being part of such a unique and wonderful project makes me feel warm all over! Dr. Thie would de son proud to see the lighting of so many candles around the world.”

Xavier Meignen, IKC Faculty, France: “I wish that the Balancathon will gather a lot of people and that we will connect all together in this beautiful energy of the heart, to bring more peace and love on earth! As Gandhi said: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world!’ So let’s hope that by lighting up all this energy on the 29thof September 2018, and the following days, months and years, we will bring some light to the world!”

Toni Lilley, IKC President and Faculty, Australia: 

Thomas Holvoet, IKC Trainer, Belgium: 


So you have a general idea, the other committee members besides myself are:

  • Toni Lilley (Australia, EB and IKC president)
  • Sandy Gannon (UK and various countries, EB)
  • Helena Arguelles (Trainer UK)
  • Xavier Meignen (Faculty France)
  • and Thomas Holvoet (Trainer Belgium).

Youtube channel :

Website :

Facebook page :

Email :


Where did the idea for the Balanceathon come from?

What are you hoping to achieve with this?

How many countries or groups are currently involved?

Anything else you would like people to know?


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