Together We Get Better

Together we get better


Imagine a world of Kinesiology at your fingertips. A variety of modalities, research and techniques at the click of a button.

This is the idea behind, a company based out of Tenerife, Spain. Brainchild of a group of Italian Specialized Kinesiology practitioners, could change the way that we work around the world. The software is created around the core value of sharing information and creating win/win scenarios for all in our industry, improving well-being on a global scale. is an online subscriber-based platform. Specialized Kinesiology protocols and reference material would be uploaded onto the platform by content creators, innovators and authors. The idea is that a percentage of the monthly subscription fees paid by the users of the program would go to those who were uploading useful content. How much each person is paid would be determined by the amount that their content is being used in practitioner sessions. As in, there’s no point in uploading junk content in order to try to command a larger share of the profit because it doesn’t work that way! This means that content creators could upload all of their procedures if they like, or a few techniques to show potential students how great attending the class could be. “The idea is not to bypass authors,” says Ludovico Feletto, one of the directors of the project, “we are proposing a cooperative method with a more cooperative structure, changing the game from the current competitive one.” Protocols would be uploaded in English (mandatory), but may also be translated into other languages. Part of the job of the team would be to check the protocols and procedures as they are entered for viability, but also to check the English for any translation errors.

This is not only a reference tool however. The idea is that your subscription would also give you a tool to take records for your sessions, allowing you to access your clients records in a secure way, online, from anywhere. This would allow the team to collect stats and analyze data. If enough practitioners were recording data in this way, we could end up with numbers that actually have statistical significance over time. As an individual, I might use a particular balancing technique 10 times and find that it is successful, but that doesn’t mean much from within the scientific model. If 100 practitioners each use the technique 10 times however, now we have some serious data to work with!

Individuals members would also have a profile page which they could fill with their SK resume as well as a few personal details. This would allow for a member looking for a new technique or creative solution to a kinesiology problem to not only look up a procedure, but to also get a feel for the person who uploaded that procedure; what their level of expertise or experience in this modality is, for example. Members could use these pages to communicate with each other and build relationships, as well as to offer help and fine tune protocols, offering suggestions for what could improve the flow and what might work better. Like a social media platform that has a focus on muscle testing, rather than cat videos. Schools and Associations would be able to set up a profile page as well to help people find them more efficiently.

In order for individuals to sign up with the program, there are a few basic criteria that would need to be met. They would have to already know how to perform a muscle response test properly for one. There will also be a Code of Ethics to sign, detailing how to use the information properly and addressing any concerns about the spread of information to others, as well as notes about self-responsibility.

The phrase “star meio” in the Venetian dialect of Italian means “to be better”. As Specialized Kinesiologists, yes we wish to make the world around us into a better place, but we also want to be better ourselves, and to find better ways of doing this. Perhaps this is a platform that will allow us to work together in a new and interesting way, taking our collective game up a notch. A prototype of the software is scheduled to be released at the IKC (International Kinesiology College) conference in Germany, September 2017.

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Sidebar (from website):

The need for arose in 2011 when Ludovico and Roberto met to discuss a project on recording all data from kinesiology consultations in a way that could improve both the in-consultation workflow and the subsequent interpretation of statistical data.
The initial idea of creating a tool that could improve and simplify the professional work of Kinesiology specialists like Marco and Ludovico grew exponentially when it met with the ideas and aspirations of the other members of our Team.

Soon we became aware that there was something inconsistent in proposing a new way of sharing health and knowledge to a competitive commercial organization (as it was normally done before We started to look for a new way of expanding the concepts of knowledge sharing, statistical data analysis and sharing economical revenues in the same project. All this grew and gained new energy, new power, new stability until it became “Beyond dualism: changing the world of health through sharing and connecting.”


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