An Interview with Evelyn Mulders

Flower essences and homeopathics have a long history of use in holistic health.

Here I have an opportunity to chat with Evelyn Mulders about the philosophy behind her sound essences, what inspired them and why they work. We begin the conversation with me remembering playing with the first incarnation of Evelyn’s meridian sound essences about 15 years ago:

“The essences you’re talking about were little vials with drops in them,” she says. “We were using the sound essence at that time like a flower essence. You would use a couple of drops and mix and blend things for your clients to take home; you would take a couple of drops under the tongue sublingually. But Sound Essence has grown up quite a bit and it is now in a mister bottle so it’s easy for people to use.

“(When this began) I was studying in the forest in the Shushwap and taking an herbal workshop at the time; and it wasn’t formal, most of my studying was done in a hammock. I had a camera around my neck and a notepad. The teacher would talk about an herb and I would go take a picture and record it and I was studying the herbs in that way. This woman was brilliant in the field of energy medicine and one evening she gathered about 50 of us and asked if we’d like to participate in a vibrational healing session. She brought in a crystal bowl player. This would have been in 1998. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we just sat and listened to this crystal bowl player and while she played I could feel every cell in my body shifting, and I knew on that day that I would be completely different than when I had arrived.

“I told my teacher, ‘I just felt so fantastic last night— can you infuse sound into matter?’ and she said, ‘I don’t know Evelyn, that’s obviously your job not mine.’ And that’s how it started.”

Evelyn ended up using various tools that we are familiar with in the kinesiology world to infuse the vibration of the sound into the water, including crystal bowls and tuning forks. She then feels that she is guided as to the other ingredients that go into a specific essence and it can take 2 or 3 years to understand why a specific formula had to be that way. This is because the essences do not only carry the vibration of sound, there are other components too; including colour, aromatherapy, herbs, sacred geometry, positive affirmations and gemstones.

While there are different components that go along with each of the energetic systems, I found myself wondering if the way that the sound is imparted to the essence is different depending on the energetic system it is designed for. Evelyn says that it is, in fact, different, and she isn’t always sure which direction things are going, she just finds that her “hands are busy” and then she sits back to see what has happened.

“I knew that the meridian essences were going to be made with tuning forks, so I went to my friend in Vancouver who had some; we programmed the water and I brought them home. And I kept hearing the words “herbs, herbs, herbs,” but I wasn’t sure if I was putting the essences in an herbal tincture or what was going to happen. One of my students called early one morning and he said, “I had a dream last night and I’m meant to tell you, ‘2C’.” I asked, “Do you have any idea what it means?” he said, “I have no clue, but when the time comes, you’ll know.” At my clinic one day the receptionist says, “Today is the day. You have to make the meridian essences today.”” Evelyn relates that she figured it wouldn’t work that day— there simply wasn’t time in the schedule. But she somehow found the time to squeeze it in anyway between students and clients. While making the essences she realized that “2C” meant a homeopathic formula. Evelyn tried to send staff to the store to pick up the various herbs and homeopathics required, but the receptionist refused saying, “You have to make them.”

“By the end of that day I had 28 herbs formulating overlooking the back deck towards Okanagan Lake,” Evelyn says. She realized that evening while her students were gathered outside that it was the first lunar eclipse of the 21st century. All those herbs were exposed to this perfect alchemy of formulation. It evolved from there with essences supporting the different energetic systems in the body.

“When I take the meridian essences to Touch for Health conferences or a class— they just switch on the meridians so fast! And it’s because the herbs have a direct communication to the organs and glands of the meridian system and then the tuning fork looks after the part of the meridian that’s just above us. The meridians are the interface between the physical and the energetic so the combination of those two ingredients really work well for the meridian essences.” In these essences, the tuning forks are really speaking to the etheric layer of the body and not to the physical.

“The body is looking for all kinds of vibrations from 15hz right to 1000hz, so if it’s missing one of the links and you can offer it; it will just take it in. If you’re offering a healing vibration that it needs, it’s going to want to have a drink of that and feed itself.”

Evelyn’s book The Essence of Sound is a little encyclopedia working from the meridians out to the auric layers. There are now essences to work with the different dimensions of healing:

Meridians – Physical

Chakras – Emotional

Auric fields – Mental

Archangel – Spiritual

With over 30 years of energetic healing studies and practice, Evelyn Mulders is the Founder and Principal of the Kinesiology College of Canada f since 2001. Senior Faculty for the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice teaching a four-year energy medicine certification program.

A certified Touch for Health Instructor registered with the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology since 1996. Evelyn operates a healing clinic, and is a published author of workshop manuals and supportive materials, as well as two books: “The Essence of Sound” and “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory”.  Creator of energetic balancing tools called “Sound Essence”, Evelyn distributes her products, and offers workshops internationally.

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