Yin Yang symbol Coding

During a recent GEMS Elemental class, I was explaining the concepts of yin / yang balance and integration; the way that one stage becomes the next and how we see this fluid transformation in the stages of the day, the year, and a lifetime. I showed the class this picture and my son asked the question: could this be used kind of like a colour balance (from Touch for Health) to notice areas where there is stress and bring it into balance?

So I thought about it, and wrote a protocol for the next day in class.

For some reason when I was writing the protocol, it came through very clearly that the client is supposed to draw the symbol themselves. Is this to add their energy to the symbolism? To engage them in the process? I don’t know – I’ve never had that show up in a protocol before. But I am trusting that the muscle testing is accurate and it is there for a reason.

In step 5, it tells you to look for the word that gives you an indicator change. In the class, part of the manual contains a list of yin and yang characteristics. If you have such a list, are familiar with the characteristics, or are willing to google it, then use that list to find a pair of opposites to balance, otherwise you could simply use the limited list under each of the pictures here and I’m sure that would work too.

I am sharing this with you here as something new that I haven’t played with much yet, and if you try it, I would love your feedback in the comments or by email about how it works for you!

Yin/Yang symbol coding

Using the symbol of dualism and balance to create harmony between pairs of opposites in all their forms.

  1. Have client draw the symbol
  2. Test IM while looking at all four positions (Young Yang, Old Yang, Young Yin, Old Yin)
  3. First to give IC – put in field / circuit
  4. Scan specific qualities of yin/yang – looking for a pair that gives an IC
  5. – Practitioner holds GV 16 and CV 19
  6. Client thinking about the word and looking at the symbol – IC
  7. Repeat with second word
  8. Repeat until there is no longer an IC on the first position
  9. Repeat until all four positions are stable

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