Bach Flower Remedies came into being through the work of Dr. Edward Bach, a physician, microbiologist and homeopath in the 1930’s.

Bach may have been the first system of flower remedies, but many have been discovered since. Australian Bush Remedies, Skyflowers, I have even been making some of my own with flowers in my yard in Costa Rica (more to come on that as things develop). In truth, all flowers and plants have specific frequencies; we just haven’t mapped them all out yet!

I use flower remedies to help my clients stabilize their emotions and to help the changes that we make in session become part of their new pattern of being. A Bach Flower Practitioner can use their knowledge of the remedies to come up with the perfect combination for anyone. I teach Bach Workshops on occasion to give a little background and information about the Great 38. Check class listings for upcoming workshop dates.

Dr. Bach grouped his essences under seven main categories that he talks about in his work: fear, uncertainty, over-sensitivity to influences, despondency and despair, over-care for the welfare of others, insufficient interest in current circumstances, and loneliness.  One disease can cause a different emotional response in each person who experiences it.  Because of this, Bach never mentioned how to treat a specific disease, rather he said, “the individual is treated, and as he becomes well (emotionally), the disease goes, having been cast off by the increase of health”. 

“I was fortunate enough to join Alexis on one of the most amazing adventures, that of running through the fields of Edward Bach’s flower essences, in total harmony with their vibrations. That’s how I felt, sitting in my jammies, in the comfort of my home, listening to her talk to us via zoom, and yet it was just like a walk through the flowers, no less. She brings each of the 38 vibrational signatures alive, a bit closer to us, how each essence can actually help us up and out of a mood or a type we may be. I find I am using the essences with much more confidence and a with a deeper Connection with their properties; a sort of a communion, if you will. With Gratitude and love dear Alexis” – Farah