GEMS stands for Goal, Element, Mode, Stack. It offers an easy-to-follow flow chart that allows a student or practitioner to easily figure out where the priority stressors for an individual are and what balancing technique will work to resolve these efficiently. It is based on information from the TFH synthesis and is designed to allow a practitioner to flow easily from one modality to another, incorporating the entire body of knowledge available to the individual

Our History

Shortly after each Touch for Health, Level Four class, I would get emails from our students with requests that I teach a class that would help them get started with their actual business.  Many felt completely lost after completing the levels. they knew they had wonderful tools that could help people feel better, but didn’t know what tool to use when.

One aim of GEMS class is to teach a system that will allow the student to use everything they know in the Specialized Kinesiology realm thus far as well as bring in additional aspects as they are learned.  It can also offer help and advice in areas such as: how to set up your office and attract clients, walking you through a typical session, taking money, rebooking, marketing, networking, practitioner ethics and scope of practice— in short, all the areas where practitioners feel stress about setting up their professional practice.

GEMS also works as a bridging class for those interested in taking more in-depth Specialized Kinesiology classes, such as SIPS, LEAP, Brain Integration, etc.  These classes assume that a student has knowledge of how to use finger-modes and scan sheets, work from an indicator muscle and properly stack information however none of these techniques are part of the TFH curriculum. GEMS familiarizes students with these methods so one does not feel overwhelmed when arriving to the classroom of more advanced courses.

GEMS class is split into two one-day courses, usually taught in the same weekend: GEMS Flow (working with the flow chart, stacking, muscle testing techniques and scan sheets) and GEMS Business (business set-up and planning, marketing, social media, legalities). GEMS Nutrition is available for download as an online course.

Every time I have the opportunity to teach these classes, I am more convinced than ever that this is what our students are looking for.  The feedback has been really positive.

Here’s what some of the students had to say:

“Thank you to Alexis and Holly for their brilliant interpretation and application of this course. It has given me an amazing tool to help me ‘put it all together’ and apply this to my Touch for Health sessions.  I have benefited from this course and appreciate the dedication that Happily Holistic acquires to continue to offer education to assist all the practitioners that strive to be more fluid with their craft.” H.H. – Kelowna

“GEMS is the missing page from the Touch for Health manual that I have been searching for!” J.A. – West Kelowna

“Thank you for the flow sheet.  I’ve been using TFH this week and loving the method you taught us!” T.L – Penticton