Haric Level of Energy

A quick look at the Haric flow of energy through the body

Intro to SIPS Kinseiology

A brief description of SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) Kinesiology and how it works.

A quick introduction to the amazing world of Bach Flower Remedies

Fire Element in 90 seconds

A brief description of the Fire Element of TCM with associated meridians and muscle tests from Specialized Kinesiology.


Interview withIan Stubbings

Creator of SIPS Kinesiology Ian Stubbings discusses somatids, microbiomes and the history of germ theory.

Interview with Matthew Thie

An Interview between Alexis Costello and Matthew Thie about Touch For Health and muscle testing techniques.

Interview with Dr. Charles Krebs

Charles Krebs speaks on informational medicine, acupressure formatting, meridians, chi and his pet peeves in muscle testing.

Interview with Wayne Topping

Biokinesiology and Touch for Health instructor, Wayne discusses simple things we can be doing to support ourselves and each other in times of crisis and isolation.