Are you interested in helping your students or fellow practitioners move ahead in their careers? Would you like to be able to attend this class free of charge? GEMS helps people become efficient practitioners as well as helping them get their businesses started or bringing them to the next level.  We would like to see this information spread and are willing to travel to help bring this to more people. Sponsoring a class is a way of taking a class for free and potentially earning a percentage of the profits.

Class follows a basic outline – GEMS Flow (Day One) begins with a few reminders about accurate indicator muscle monitoring and then goes into each aspect of GEMS in detail: how to set proper goals and the importance of such, 5-elemnt theory, the history and uses of finger-moding, and how to stack information to build a full picture of all the layers of stress involved in an issue.  From there we move into the GEMS balance and  use of the scan sheets. We demo the techniques and have students practice on each other. GEMS Business (Day Two) goes through all the steps involved in starting or building a business: room and office set-up, writing a business plan, walking through a session, ethics and marketing.

Students are provided with a binder with all the notes and scan sheets as well as the flowchart.  Certificates are printed immediately for all students.  We are working on the directory and practitioners will be added, free of charge. We can send you flyers and information to help get the word out.

If you are an instructor in Touch for Health or another Specialized Kinesiology modality then Alexis can teach an Instructors class as a one day add-on after the regular class.

In order to discuss potential class dates with an Instructor or to receive more information, contact  or find an Instructor near you in the Directory.